We are on our way to becoming a thriving, modern city. Over the lastfour years we have continued to build infrastructure, streamlined regulations, and drawn in new and unique businesses to serve our community. When I ran four years ago, I said I was the voice of a new generation. A spark to light a fire to see a new path for our future. That voice, that spark within me, burns brighter than ever to bring Cape Coral to its potential. I am running today to continue providing Cape Coral a stable, optimistic view of the paradise our forefathers dreamed of years ago.

If I have earned your support for another 4 years, I will continue to focus on these three areas:

Accountability: It is our responsibility to make sure City government and our elected peers are working for the people and not against. We must continue to find ways to not just reduce costs but lower property taxes and hold accountable City management.

Streamlining our City Codes: If we want to get serious about attracting businesses, major city projects, and completing infrastructure, we need to continue to streamline our codes. Next up, Land Use and Development Regulations; followed by the Comprehensive plan.

Projects: Parks Master Plan, Bimini Basin, Seven Islands. These projects can be a driving force for the Cape, but we must make sure the private sector is leading the way, not the City Government.